Nolan Art
Friday 3 February – Saturday 31 March 2012

lounge [laʊndʒ]
Noun: 1. lounge – a long upholstered seat for one or more person.
2. lounge – a room, Chiefly British a living room in a private house.
Verb: 1. lounge – to sit, lie, walk, or stand in a relaxed manner
2. lounge – to pass (time) lazily or idly

[Possibly from French sállonger, to stretch out, from Old French alongier, to lengthen, from Medieval Latin allongāre : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin longus, long]

In a world increasingly saturated by the mass media, images of the ‘dream home’ and the stylish contemporary domestic interior are numerous. This abundance of aspirational interiors, each stylistically disparate yet still conforming to the notion of the ‘dream home’, spurred my initial investigation into my own relationship with the contemporary domestic interior.

After ten years of renting and my recent marriage, my mind is preoccupied more and more by the prospect of buying my first home. My ‘dream home’. The prospect of ‘nesting’.

It is not the house itself, but the interior that fascinates me the most, as it is there that I will be able to express myself; to make my own mark. As I trawl through images of contemporary domestic interiors in current issues of home and lifestyle magazines I ponder which lounge suite; which wallpaper; which fashionable textured interior paint would best express my personality within the interior of my ‘dream home’.

This body of work focuses on the heart of the contemporary home, the lounge room, and the most integral item of furniture within that room, the lounge. Unlike utilitarian spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom, the function of the lounge room is as its very name suggests; a room in which to lounge, relax, spend time with family. Whilst the purchase of my ‘dream home’ may be a few years away, the purchase of a lounge is closer to obtainment.

Each lounge is depicted as if in a furniture catalogue; positioned against a shallow stage-like set, void of the distractions of other furniture or signs of actual living. Each lounge reflects a specific aspirational style of interior design and on it’s stage has been elevated to an aspirational object, an integral element in not only the lounge room but the ‘dream home’ itself.

Like an actual interior, each painting is created from individual elements (the lounge, the wallpaper or wall treatment, the carpet) coming together like puzzle pieces to create a whole. Each element has a different texture, finish or level of abstraction whilst being clearly defined from the next by a hard edge. The materials employed by an interior decorator, masking tape, stencils, interior paints, are also utilised in the construction of the domestic interior spaces which feature in my work.

In the past year photographs and digital images have been incorporated into my arts practice and these are also featured in the exhibition. A higher level of abstraction exists within these digital works which focus on the material similarities between the human form and the lounge.

view paintings from lounge

view photography & digital works from lounge