Allana Blizzard Jones.Vacant (2013) 51cm x 51cm. Acrylic and latex on canvas.

Allana Blizzard Jones
Vacant (2013)
51cm x 51cm. Acrylic and latex on canvas

A portrait of a living Tasmanian… what about a living dead Tasmanian?

You may have seen this Tasmanian as he lumbered and lurched through your town. Just another bloodied, gorey, anonymous face amongst the horde. Part of the ‘march’ or ‘shuffle’.

I don’t know his name; he only groaned and mumbled as he passed by.

I don’t know if he was a farmer; perhaps he just had a penchant for straw hats and flannel. His appearance (a bloodied chin mimicking a beard) and pose, combined with the background hue hint at associations with a deceased Dutch artist, well known for his self-portraits. But this is just conjecture at best.

Who or what he was before does not matter – this portrait reveals what he is now.


Vacant was entered into the 2013 RACT Insurance Tasmanian Portrait Prize, but was unsuccessful.
Vacant featured in the solo exhibition INFECTION at Nolan Art.
Vacant featured in the Glenorchy Open (2014) at Moonah Arts Centre.

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